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Last fall, I received an e-mail from Debra Ledford, who told me she and her husband were writing a book about beer in Oregon. She stumbled on my blog and liked one of the pictures, and asked for permission to use it in the book. I agreed, and pretty much forgot about it.

A few months ago, I received another e-mail from Debra. Their self-published book “Oregon Brew Tour” was complete and she wondered if I’d be interested in profiling it on my blog. I’m a fairly agreeable guy, so I told her I’d be happy to review it. A few days later, a 500-page book arrived in the mail—and I had some reading to do…

To be fair, I have not read any other books dedicated to Oregon beer, so I can’t compare it others. However, I can tell you what “Oregon Brew Tour” offers—and let me start by saying it’s very comprehensive.

In researching the book, Bob & Debra went on the mother of all Oregon brew tours and drove across the entire state visiting breweries and brewpubs. Oddly enough Debra doesn’t like beer—actually, in the introduction, she states she “really” doesn’t like beer. However, since Bob enjoys it, she decided to join in the adventure playing the most important role—designated driver. He’s a lucky man, that Bob! Before you even think about drinking and driving, be sure to read the overview of Oregon’s drunk driving laws in the beginning of the book.

Then it gets into the breweries. There’s a write-up (1-9 pages) on each brewery, listed in alphabetical order. I don’t know the number of breweries in Oregon, but it appears to be complete. Heck, they even profile the one-hit-wonder maker of Panty Dropper Ale (which won a GABF medal in 2009)!

After the breweries are covered, The Ledfords provide a listing of Oregon Beer Festivals. I have not seen a more comprehensive listing in one place. Then it moves into homebrewing with a statewide listing of homebrew supply stores and homebrew clubs. Other goodies include beer judging forms, suggested brew tours by region, tasting note forms, and a beer glossary.

Oregon Brew Tour is an excellent reference guide—and an interesting read. My favorite part of the book was the in-depth brewery profiles. The back stories are always fascinating and often inspiring. I learned something new about each brewery—even the ones I thought I knew well. With Debra’s permission, I’m publishing her writeup on 10-Barrrel Brewing in its entirety (at the bottom on this post). My hope is to provide a flavor for what this book is about.

It’s a fairly thick book, but it should fit in the glove compartment in your car. Keep it in there, and you’ll always have brew tour information at your fingertips as you travel across Oregon. To order, or learn more about the book, please visit http://www.brewtourbooks.com/.

In full disclosure, I received an evaluation copy of the book. I did not receive any form of compensation for this review, nor will I receive commissions for subsequent purchases that may arise from this review.


​I was very excited when I was approached by Bob and Debra Ledford who asked if I would like a copy of Oregon Brew Tour to read. Of course, being the extreme beer lover that I can, and living just up the I-5 corridor in Seattle, I could not refuse. I go to Oregon quite often, whether for work, or for a weekend getaway, and going to a brewery or brewpub is always on my list – without fail.

As I cracked the book open and began reading it, the glaring sentence, “I really do not like beer” hit me in the face. Debra, who traveled with her husband Bob around the entire state of Oregon to visit every brewery and brewpub, does not like beer? What? The first thing I thought was this was one major typo. An entire book centering around beer, and you don’t enjoy this amazing beverage? After reading further, I found that Debra loved traveling around Oregon with her husband (who loves beer!) seeing how different brewpubs are decorated, and how different breweries were set up. Awesome!

I thought there was a very nice touch to add the Oregon state drunk driving laws in the beginning of the book, as a simple reminder to us all. We can enjoy all the beer we want. Either do it in moderation, get a cab, or have a designated driver (like that lucky guy Bob did!).

The bulk of Oregon Brew Tour stays true to its name. There is an 8-10 page write up on each brewery and brewpub, in alphabetical order! I enjoyed reading over each of the locations, which included contact information, interesting facts, history, and some brief mention of the food offered at each of the locations. I definitely learned something new about each and every one of the breweries, even the more “popular” well-known breweries.

After the incredibly detailed breakdown of each of the locations, the Ledfords go on to to provide you with even more beer goodness from Oregon. A comprehensive list of Oregon Beer Festivals, information on home brewing you down beer – including homebrew supply stores and home brewing clubs in the state. The book even includes some great extras for the beer geek including beer judging forms, brew tours by region, beer tasting note forms, and an extensive beer glossary in the back.

This is not a skimpy book, rather a substantial, comprehensive look at Oregon craft beer, and where you can go to drink it. If you live in Oregon (or ANY state nearby!) you must grab this book. It will be my companion every time I shoot down I-5 in search of my next barley soda.



From:  Linked In, by Marc Scholnick, owner, Cultural Oregon Travel Magazine at http://culturaloregon.com/

 A wonderful, entertaining tour through Oregon's beer world. I'd highly recommend this book! 
From:  Brewtopia Events, Owen Ogletrees Brewtopia Brewsletter, http://www.mynewsletterbuilder.com/email/newsletter/1411102961

For an in-depth guide to Oregon's craft beer scene, pick up a copy of Bob & Debra Ledford's Oregon Brew Tour book. This delightful book focuses on the state's craft beer, microbrews, nanobrews, festivals and homebrew information, and up-close details regarding the owners and history of each location are included. No better guide exists in providing the full picture and feel of Oregon's rich beer culture. What a fun read!